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At Body & Soul® Fitness, YOU matter! Our workouts are designed for every BODY!

We care about more than just your body, we also care about the health of your soul.
Our hope is through the music, the workouts, and the devotionals your soul will be encouraged and inspired as you move your body. We are where faith and fitness meet.

Cardio Strength (CS)

Subscribe today to let our expertly trained and certified instructors lead you in a fun mix of hi/lo choreographed cardio dance routines, strength training and flexibility to give you an overall effective workout. You might even get a little kickboxing or Pilates thrown in. Jump, dance, kick, wave your hands in the air and sweat those pounds away during the cardio segments of our workouts. Then you'll tone and stretch leaving you with an all over workout that produces a relaxed and ready for the day feeling.

Power Strength (PS)

Subscribe today to build strength, work all major muscle groups, getting lean and defined. Power Strength is the ideal workout for anyone looking to see results quickly. Light and moderate weights with lots of repetition will give you a total body workout. Our inspirational music and nationally certified instructors will motivate and encourage you, as you burn calories, shape and tone, increase core strength and bone density. Anyone, at any level can succeed with this program.

FIT360 Training

Subscribe today! FIT360 is where we mix things up. You'll choose between non choreographed High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tabata, full body weight exercises, musical finishers, and more. HIIT workouts keep your metabolism working long after your workout is over. You'll gain muscle, lose fat, and burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. Tabata training takes you through 8 rounds of 20 secs work / 10 secs rest. Circuit training is a great way to change up your intervals making them longer with periods of rest or lower intensity exercises. You'll get all of this and more in our FIT360 workouts.

Dance Blast (DB)

Learn the merengue, cha cha, swing, hip hop, and reggaetone with our Dance Blast workouts. Fun, choreographed dance routines that will get you on your feet, help you find your groove, strengthen your core, and blast away those calories. Dance Blast will make you happy, help you de-stress, improve your coordination and lose weight. Subscribe today!

GOLD (G) / Longevity FIT360

Gold is the perfect program for those needing a non-impact or seated workout. Whether you are recovering from an injury, pregnant, just starting out, or have limitations nothing should keep you from moving. We've got just what you need. We've got nationally certified supportive instructors who will provide a safe and effective workout whether you are just starting or needing modifications. Let us help you live a healthier life and keep moving.

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